How to update

Update from Beta to 1.0

There are no special adjustments required for this version. Beta releases will not be covered by any adaptation. Therefore consult the Changelog for more details.

Update from classy.js to class.js

There is not yet an official adapter from classy.js (Divio internal version) to class.js. You need to change your code to be compatible with class.js. Please follow this guide for a smooth transition:

Comparison from old to new:

var Animal = Class.$extend(obj); // old
var Animal = new Class(obj); // new

var Tiger = Animal.$extend(obj); // old
var Tiger = Animal.extend(obj); // new

Class.$classyVersion; // old
Class.version; // new

Class.$withData(obj); // old
Class.setOptions(obj); // new

Class.$noConflict(); // old
Class.noConflict(); // new

this.$super(); // old
this.parent(); // new

initialize: function () {} // identical in both versions

implement: [array] // identical in both version

Additionally class.js provides the following features: