This is a list of all relevant options, methods, events and callbacks.


Options are set on initializing the carousel:

new Cl.Uniform();
Option Default Description
offset -9999 the offset of the input related to the surrounding container.
cls object the available css class strings.
lang object the available language configurations.
tpl object the html template which will be used to replace the forms.

Option cls strings:

Option Default Description
prefix ‘uniform’ will be added before all following classes.
radio ‘radio’ will be used as the wrapper for radio elements.
checkbox ‘checkbox’ will be used as the wrapper for checkbox elements.
file ‘file’ will be used as the wrapper for file elements.
select ‘select’ will be used as the wrapper for select elements.
disabled ‘disabled’ will be added whenever the attribute disabled="disabled" is defined.
focus ‘focus’ will be added whenever focus is triggered on the element.
ready ‘ready’ will be added when the uniform is ready on this particular field.
checked ‘checked’ will be added when checkbox/radio is checked/selected

Option lang strings:

Option Default
fileBtn ‘Upload’
fileStatus ‘Please select a file...’

Option tpl strings:

Option Default
radio dom element (string)
checkbox dom element (string)
file dom element (string)
select dom element (string)


Methods can be called using an instance of the class:

var uniform = new Cl.Uniform();
    // trigger the instanace

All Methods have appropriate events and callbacks.

Description:checks all form elements and updates their states accordingly.
Returns:update callback.
Description:removes uniform from form elements.
Returns:destroy callback.


Callbacks are always triggered after the method is excecuted. You can interact with callbacks as follows:

var uniform = new Cl.Uniform();
// register callback
uniform.callbacks.update = function (scope) {
    console.log('uniform is excecuting update');

Available keywords:

is called when triggering method ``update``.
is called when triggering method ``destroy``.